Ethernet Switches
Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology makes it easier to set up networks. The same Ethernet cabling is used for both the power supply and data transmission. This technology enables the simplest possible installation or expansion of new or existing networks.
PoE is an intelligent and extensive technology for the power supply. Only suitable consumers are supplied with the required voltage and monitored as well. In case of malfunctions, such as short-circuit or overload, or in case of a physical
supply isolation, the components supplied with voltage are shutdown automatically. This function can also be used for the very simple and, above all, efficient, remote control and monitoring of consumers.
wienet Power over Ethernet switches enable energy and data to be transferred, in accordance with IEEE 802.3, on one Ethernet line.

+ IP network cameras

+ WLAN access points

+ VoIP telephony

+ Scanners and RFID sensors

+ Anywhere where voltage supply for network devices is difficult


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