Wireless Devices
Radio technology (WLAN) is gaining increasing importance both in electronic devices and throughout the plant and machinery engineering sector as a whole. No matter whether Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT), Machine to Machine (M2M), authentication, tracking, tracing, monitoring or remote control.
With Wireless Local Area Network (WLAN), high-frequency radio waves are used instead of wires as the transmission medium for data and communication. Because wired network devices are connected to the Internet via cables, WLAN is a flexible data ommunication system that is implemented as an expansion or as an alternative to wired LANs. WLAN normally offers a connection to the wider network
via one access point. This gives users the option of move within a local coverage area while remaining connected to the network. Access Points from the wienet product range allow various devices to make a WLAN connection to the network via one Ethernet interface, or to connect various WLAN/LAN networks to one another.
This connection is configured by means of a password-protected web interface. The web interface offers detailed statistics on the activities of the Access Point concerned, and also on the signal strength, and delivers a detailed report.


+ Expanding an Ethernet cable network with WLAN functionality

+ Integrating wired network devices (e.g. PLC controls) into an existing WLAN

+ Replacement of network connections that are difficult to wire with transparent WLAN bridges

+ Expansion of existing WLAN networks


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